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high pressure regulating precision Air Filter Regulator

MC-22 series air filter pressure relief valves adopt advanced control principle and have high pressure regulating precision. They can filter more than 5 micron solid particles. They are suitable for pressure regulating and filtering of compressed air and provide clean air source for air receiving equipment. Product characteristics Compact structure and beautiful appearance. The shell is made of die-cast aluminium, and the surface is coated with polyester, which has strong corrosion resistance. Stainless steel 316 material can be selected for strong corrosion environment. High output stability, sensitive response, not affected by the change of inlet pressure and flow rate. The minimum diameter of filtered solid particles is 5 microns, and it has self-cleaning function. Three outlets are designed to facilitate users to adjust the installation direction. There is a sewage discharge device at the bottom, and manual or automatic sewage discharge mode is optional. Prohibited copper products can be selected.

Technical Parameter

Maximum Input Pressure


Output Pressure Range


Working Medium

Compressed Air

Operating Temperature


Minimum Filtering Accuracy


Connection Size


Shell Material

Die-cast Aluminum Alloy



Application : Our products have been widely used in petroleum, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, steel, water treatment, bio-pharmaceutical, paper making, foodstuff, military and other fields.

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